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Case Study-1


First Indian govt. agency to develop E-learning curriculum:


Maharashtra govt. under the leadership of then CM Shri. Devendra Fadanvis, Add. Commissioner Shri. Venkateshan, Training and Admin and Shri. Naval Bajaj, Director MPA, vision to launch an online learning platform for Maharashtra police dept. which will be flexible, offer comprehensive training to the dept.
This was the pioneering project for the Maharashtra govt. whereby for the first time any E-learning curriculum was being built under the visionary PM Shri. Narendra Modi’s vision of digital India.
The project itself had many challenges in terms of the technical infrastructure, vast technical and legal data, case studies laws which had to be interpreted correctly and developed in such a way that it reaches to the remotest areas of Maharashtra.
With firm deadline, the project involved working with multiple teams of officers, finalising the content, content QA team, SME’s, ID’s and TACs production team, admin team at DG office Mumbai and Training academy at Nashik and other 12 training schools spread over Maharashtra and people working on delivery platforms.
TBPS successfully worked in synergy and harmony with all teams across Maharashtra in the project and delivered it in time. The service was tested in multiple focus groups and the client had very satisfying feedback at the end.